HP Mercury Quality Center with IE8 (or not)

Today at work I installed Internet Explorer 8 for local development and testing. Soon I found myself sweating as I was no longer able to access our issue tracking system, Mercury (now HP) Quality Center 9.0. QC is basically a full-window ActiveX control client-server app that auto-installs when you visit the QC home page of your local QC server. Only, IE 8 kept crashing and auto-retrying the activex auto-install around 3 times, finally failing with a “too many failures” message. Luckily I stumbled across the QC Explorer download a few pages down in my google search results. Voila, standalone QC – full featured, at that – without using IE.  Just install it, launch it, and in the address bar enter your existing QC URL with it (including /qcbin/start_a.htm).


Hope this helps someone else,

– Scott


149 thoughts on “HP Mercury Quality Center with IE8 (or not)

  1. Amit says:

    Thanks for the information. I am tried the same with QC ver 8.2 client side installation.. that did not work. I am not sure, if installing the newer version will help.. let me try.

  2. Amit says:

    Thanks Jen.
    I tried that, but my situaion is unique in the sense that I am trying to access the QC behind a login system. I get the access to QC URL, after I logon to a system, so the QC Explorer does not work.
    I had used QCClientSideInstallation.exe with IE7, and that had worked, but that too does not work with IE8. :( IE8 keeps trying to download the ActiveX components.. and does not find the already registered QC components on system.

  3. Oscar says:

    Wow, I’m surprised!

    I was actually suffering because after updating my IE version, I couldn’t acces QC anymore.

    I tried the QCExplorer and it works!!

    Thank you so much Scott.

    Cheers from Monterrey, Mexico.

  4. I can’t get QC to work at all in IE8 (even in compatibility mode). I just get a red X. What’s more, QCExplorer can’t see the server for some reason…

    Bizarrely, it works perfectly in Firefox using the IETab extension. Go figure…

    • arachi says:

      I tried using QCExplorer but for some reasons i got a Can’t Find Server error.

      I tried IETab and it worked!!!

      thanks a lot for the info :)

  5. Jimit says:

    Gave me jitters when I could not access QC on my newly installed IE8. Thanks for this info…you really saved the day! Works like a charm :)

  6. Holger says:

    Thanks! This has been a thorn in my side since I installed IE8. We had recently upgraded to QC10 but it still crashes with IE8.

  7. Cva says:

    Thanks Scott !

    Your info is much appreciated.

    Again credit goes to Google to show your page in the 1st result.


  8. Jens says:

    Yes, Andy. This works also well.
    Testdirector, Site Admin, Customizing and so on… everything ok for me with QCExplorer.

  9. Matthias says:

    Thanks for the hint. But what about using a proxy in QC Explorer? I’m not able to connect the server and there is option like ‘enable proxy’.

    There is no chance to connect the QC server directly because it is hosted by someone else.

    Thanks for your tip

  10. Karen says:

    Thanks SO much. After the past few weeks of using a switch box to access QC on another system, and a usb drive to copy logs over, I am finally able to use it on my system with IE8. Glad I kept searching.
    Thanks SO much.

  11. Mickael says:

    Thanks for this tip but did someone found how to set the proxy for this tool because I looked for and find nothing.
    I have the same problem than matthias.

    Thanks for Help.

  12. Peter says:

    Since today the workaround with IE tab and Firefox is not working anymore, so I was very glad to find your great solution ;)

    Many Thanx!

  13. prabaharan says:

    heai Thanks a ton..i really got swet too..as i tried too many things and didn’t worked at all.
    the explorer is really cool.
    thanks so much and appriciate your help


  14. Dann says:

    Hi All

    You can use MQC 9.0 / 9.2 / 10 with IE – 8, you need to go to
    1. GO to Internet Options
    2. Select Advance
    Under Security
    3. Uncheck “Enable Memory Protection…………”
    4. Restart IE8
    5. Hit the URL again

    • Gisele says:

      Ha! Thanks Dann.
      QCExplorer didn’t work for me although had the right version and all. I suppose it wasn’t working due to the many firewalls and restrictions we have on the company’s network.
      However, your solution made it work just fine.


  15. Casey says:

    By the way, if anyone gets annoyed that it doesn’t keep the last URL used, you can pass your QC URL as a command line argument. Just change the command line for your QCExplorer shortcut to read something like this: “C:\Program Files\Common Files\HP\QCExplorer\QCExplorer.exe”

  16. Yves says:

    On your machine, in the install directory for QCExplorer is a little file called qcexplorer.ini

    Within that file are a few available config options…one of which is the name of the start page.

    • Franziska says:

      Hi all,

      Unfortunately, this didn’t work out for me, I’ve put in the default page which I would like to open when starting QC Explorer, but still there is no page displayed at startup of QC Explorer.

      I’ve changed the QCExplorer.ini as follows:

      Old: TH=start_a.htm
      New: https://hostname/qcbin/start_a.htm

      What’s wrong here? Can anyone help?

      Thank you!

  17. Amit says:

    Your this posting has helped me earlier, so I am posting a solution for folks using Quality Center 9.2 in Windows 7, here.
    In my company QC website gives a bundled client side installation “QCClient.msi” which is basically collection of all the client side browser components packed together in a single downloadable installation. This works beautifully under Windows XP, Vista and with IE 7 or 8, but for Windows 7 (IE8) it gives error during installation and hangs.
    Solution to this installation failure is –
    QCClient.msi Needs to be installed with right click “Troublehoot Compatibility” option in Windows7 to work properly. Windows 7 installs it with “by passing version check” mode.
    As usual, IE8 must be in Compatibility mode (so that it is detected as IE7 to QC website) for this to work.
    Hope this helps. I know this note would help me next time I reformat my lappy :)

  18. Sal says:

    Thank you sooo much for the post! I was begining to feel the heat until I found this refreshing pointer. Big thanks from the folks at Sony Integration & Verification!

  19. michael says:

    For IE7 to IE8 upgrade and QC 9.2 you must change IE to compatibility mode and turn off memory protection on the IE advanced tab.

    For a new QC/IE8 install the QC client side msi as admin then change IE to compatibility mode and turn off memory protection on the IE advanced tab.

    I cant garentee all QC functinality will work, but so far I havnt had any issues.

  20. Gary says:

    I have QC9.0 working in IE8. I have no idea how as I didn’t do anything special. It just works.
    The only things I can think of are:
    1) The machine it’s working on went straight from IE6 to IE8 bypassing IE7
    2) it’s a completely clean XP install and has never had QC run on it in when ie6 was installed.

    On my normal machine it doesn’t work and I use QCE, but for some reason this one is working.
    Go figure.

  21. abby says:

    hello,i have a problem like you, when i finish to install QC, but i can’t land in even i use QCexplorer. i don’t know why. does it caused buy database or something? i really want to know why, i have uninstalled and installed again and again

  22. Enid says:

    Hi – I have a question on QCExplorer.

    We just had a desktop refresh.

    When I tried to click a link to Quality Center from a defect email in Outlook, Outlook asked me for the location of my link browser. I told it to open in Firefox (mistake).

    How do I send links to Quality Center to QCExplorer? This worked on my old desktop but I have no idea how it is configured.


  23. Melanee says:

    This was AWESOME Scott. Thank you so very much for getting this info out. I recently downloaded EI8 and kept going in circles with QC. You’re the best!

  24. Chaitanya says:

    Please help me regarding this. I am getting “Server cannot be found” error message. How can i come out of this problem? I had installed the plugin and even then i am not able to access QC

  25. Serdar Badem says:

    It looks like Quality Center 9.2 Supports IE8. I had to do the following to get it running :

    – Start IE8 es an Administrator (Right Click -> Run as Administrator)
    – Go to Tools -> Options and disable the “Enable memory protection to help mitigate online attacks” option (DEP)

    – Restart IE8 and log on to QC. It will now start downloading all the components it needs and thats it.

    Hope this helps others who are having trouble with QC on IE8/ Windows 7.

  26. Jim Oates says:

    While QC 9.0 is “working” with IE8 in compatibility mode, uploading attachments generates an error.


    It appears to be an issue with the Loader Class file. (We have version 3 installed.)

    Has anyone resolved that issue or is it a non-issue for everyone?

    FYI: The repository is stored on a server and not within the database.


    • Jim Oates says:

      My previous post concerning CEStorageClientImpl::AsyncRequestHandler….

      was handled when I went to the clients desk and cleaned up the QC files and folders, including the Loader Class and forcing a QC reinstall.

      My guess is the individual did not follow instructions.

  27. Kalyan says:

    Hi, I’m supporting 2 different clients and they have different versions of QC ( and I’m having Windows 7 + IE8. I can’t have both the QC Explorers with various versions running at the same time as each time I give different URL, it starts downloading the active X controls. Sometimes all the active x controls get installed properly, but sometimes they fail downloading and registering them in the computer. Appreciate if anyone can help me in this regard.

  28. deepesh says:

    I’m currently working on HP_Quality_Center_9.2_Explorer. The application asks to enter a URL when launched and this has to be captured with the application. I’ve no access to the Server URL and hence it throws an error “Cannot find server” when launched. Can anyone suggest where the URL gets stored and how can I get it?

  29. Jesse says:

    Thanks! I’ve been using IE8 for some time but only access QC occasionally. Was getting a big red X after clicking Quality Center.
    Using explorer it asked for the URL to our QC install. Copied and pasted the url and logged right in!

  30. praveen says:

    I’ve downloaded the QCexplorer.Enter the url in a address bar.getting Cannot find server.Can anyone help me on this issue.

  31. Sachin says:

    Thanks Alot….
    Saw there were so many thanks already there but your help could not be resisted without a personal note of thanks..

    It really helped…

  32. Balaco says:


    After browsing a lot I have found an installation file of QC Explorer for Windows 7. I’ve tried everything before, if you were not well succeeded using IE8 like me, send me an email I can send the installation file of the explorer.


    • TJ says:

      Hey man – I am having problems with QC Explorer for windows 7. Please send me the installation file.


  33. Carmine says:

    QCexplorer 9.0
    QC 9.0.
    WebGatecustomization using IE proxy settings

    we’re receiving “Verify that the text you typed in the Address box is spelled correctly.”

    tried also with QCexplorer 9.2 but (after the downloan of the certificate ths time) the error is always the same.
    Please,can anyone provide help with this issue?
    thanks in advance

  34. Carmine says:

    further information hope somebody could help

    We need to use the QC explorer in order to connect a client PC (which has windows 2008 + IE8) to our installation of Quality Center.

    We are using:

    QCexplorer 9.0
    QC 9.0
    https protocol
    WebGatecustomization (set up to use IE proxy settings)

    Everything is working smoothly with another PC using IE6 but with QCexplorer we’re receiving an error, namely : “Verify that the text you typed in the Address box is spelled correctly.”.

    With the same configuration, if I try to connect to another QC server (we are trying to migrate to https) with simple http everithing works well.

    We tried also with QCexplorer 9.2 but, even though this version seems to manage the negotiation of the certificates, the error is always the same.

    Now I’m wondering if the problem is related to the incompatibility of QCexplorer 9.2 with our QC version (should we upgrade QC to 9.2?)

    Do you know how it is possible to solve this problem?


  35. Eduardo Moya says:

    Thanks men, this was very very very helpfull.

    One more thing, in the page that you post rignt now, there are 2 clients, ver 9.0 and 9.2. The version 9.2 didn’t works for me, so i’ve installed the version 9.0 and works perfectly.


    Cheers from Santiago, Chile.

    Windows 7
    Internet Explorer 8

  36. cbluebell says:

    Works perfect.
    I installed the version 9.2 on Windows 7 with ie8. You see couldn´t deinstall the ie8.

    Thanks a lot!

  37. RAM says:

    when i will open the qc in ie8 its shows certification errors &
    turn on compatability mode
    and sometimes its closed or Freezed
    please help me

  38. ANAND says:

    We have installed QC Explorer, and every thing is working fine. We want our QC URL http://xxxxx/qcbin/start_a.html to be the default home page and should load on open the explorer. does any body have any idea how to configure this. Please shed some light, it really helps a lot.


  39. TC says:


    I have changed settings of IE 8(unchecked Enable Memory Protection to help mitigate online attacks), and restarted the browser, still my Quality center is not working and I am getting the error “Microsoft Internet Explorer : 4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; QS; FBSMTWB; GTB6.5; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.04506.30; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729) is not supported!
    Only Internet Explore 6 and 7 are supported. ”

    I have installed add-in also but when I start it, it starts downloading updates and hangs in between. When I try again it says “can’t find the server..Verify that the text you typed in the Address box is spelled correctly.”

    Please help.

  40. Some Guy says:

    Brilliant thanks! Works a treat.

    (Or should I say “arrgghhh!!!”, because now I actually have to use “Quality” Center, heh)

  41. Divya says:

    i have been workign with QC yesterday installed it and it was workign fine til today morning when i came in and started it it says “Server Not Found” please help!!!

  42. Qiraat says:

    Okay… good its working now… I used Compatibility View.
    Whenever you get error message on IE8, just click on the “teared sheet” icon you find next to the URL field to enable Compatibility mode. This makes your browser act like IE 7

  43. A fine QA metric is defect arrival rate. It would be good if a QC reports allowed this to be charted on a five day rolling average – or charted at all! Sometimes I wonder how the SW development teams got so far removed from engineering processes – then I try not to think about it. Six Sigma is spouted by people who apparently don’t even know what a normal curve standard deviation is. Not sure where the Computer Progamming industry is headed… not sure how or if it can ever focus on science again.

  44. rufik says:

    I have a problem installing QC client on Windows
    7 64bit. I have applied “Troublehoot Compatibility” on installation
    file, but still got error registring components: bp_test.ocx failed
    to register. HRESULT -2147023898. Any idea how to pass it

  45. baljinder says:

    Try running the installation in “Run as Admin” (right click option) and also open the QCExplorer in admin mode for the first time, this solved a similiar issue i had.

  46. ashish sharma says:

    thanks a lot for this info man !
    I was struggling since got my new office laptop to have it fixed……….. the last resort was to use Mercury QC on IE6.

    But not anymore……… thanks for sharing this

    • Jim Oates says:

      To avoid using QC Explorer use the following.

      ** Ensure QC 9.0 webpage is running in compatibility mode.
      ** Add the website to the “Local intranet” security listing
      ** If running XP SP3 follow these steps.
      1. Open Internet Explorer
      2. Select Tools on the menu bar
      3. Select Internet Options
      4. Select the Advanced tab
      5. Scroll down to the Security section
      6. Find & disable “Enable memory protection to help mitigate online attacks”

      If accessing QC results in a white scrren press Ctrl-F5. (The GUI interface has timed out and this forces a refresh (F5) ignoring the cache (Ctrl).

  47. Sandip Kumar says:

    This helped in quickly installing the explorer view and continue to work.
    Good work.
    Better than google.
    Have fun.

  48. Venkat1967 says:

    We are using QC 9.2 windows 7 QC Eplorer, We have Window Maximize issue,
    When we maximize the QC explorer window .it is not getting refreshed, i.e the default content size continues, do you suggest any work around for this please

    Thanks in advance

  49. Chidimma says:

    Please you guys need to help me solve this problem. I have install QC 9.0 on my XP and also QC Explorer but am still having this issue “cannot find server”

  50. Engy says:

    Oh why specially me still getting “Cannot find server error” :D, would U plz help in this?

    Thanks in advance,

  51. This is awesome… I cannot express how much I loathe running Quality Center through Internet Explorer, with all of the patches, Genilogix, QC Client, et cetera that never seem to function right. Many thanks for posting this, not sure I’d be able to find it if I was just searching HP/Mercury directly (I’m going to re-post on my blog later when I get a chance).

  52. Steve Eichner says:

    After weeks and weeks and weeks of trying to get Mercury to launch and work on my Windows 7/IE8 laptop, I found this site. I followed the simple instructions and like magic I was logged into Mercury! In less than two minutes! This is absolutely an awesome piece of information. Thank you, Scott, for taking the time to post this info. You are a God-send and I am eternally grateful to you!!!!

  53. SJ says:

    Suggestion to make QC run IE10 with plug-in installed is very helpful for newer laptops coming with windows8 and IE10 installed by default. Thanks so much for the tip. it works!!

  54. SJ says:

    Scott, I have question for you . I installed QC 9.2 ..and tried to open my QC with usual address. After all dll files are installed..I got following due to which still no login screen appears stiil:
    Following client components were not downloaded successfully:
    1. ExtensibilityAPI.dll
    Failed to open file for writing
    2. OTAClient.dll
    Failed to open file for writing
    3. WebClient.dll
    Failed to open file for writing
    4. vc_redist_x86.exe
    Failed to open file for writing
    5. wexectrl.exe
    Failed to open file for writing
    6. XGO.OCX
    Failed to open file for writing
    7. OTAXml.dll
    Failed to open file for writing
    8. OtaReport.dll
    Failed to open file for writing

    Am trying to login to QC using IE10/ Windows 8

    Can you please help

  55. Ray Diack says:

    Hi Scott, on Windows 8.1 i run QCExporer.exe and authenticate OK with the server, but the Domain and Project drop-downs are empty and non-editable. I’ve tried running as Administrator, running in Windows 7 / Vista / XP compatibility – no go. Any ideas? One of the users is working OK via the web interface on a Win 7 machine so I know the login works and has permissions.

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